The Best Video Production Apps on Android

How I Shot Independence Day in 15 Sec.

And You Can Too

A New Era in Video Production

With the increasing quality of video and photo capabilities in cell phones, more and more people are leaving their video cameras at home and pulling out their phones instead. The portability and convenience of smart phones means that people have their devices anywhere they are – and the ability to capture video while on the go (including Romney fundraisers).

More and more high quality videos are being produced using phones and even an Oscar nominated film utilized an iPhone app to complete production. The ability to take quality video on smartphones means the emergence of quality video editing and fx applications for those devices. That is why I have tested, compared and compiled a list of the best in class.

Video Editor

MagistoMagisto – Magical Video Editor (Magisto)


This application is what it says it is – magic. Just choose what video clips you want to use to build your film, decide whether or not to use a filter and/or song and the app will run in the background analyzing all the meta data and other hocus pocus choosing the best scenes to pull together and form the perfect video then notify you when it is complete.

Honorable Mentions

VidTrim - Video Trimmer

VidTrim – Video Trimmer (Goseet)


For those who want a more user-controlled application, try VidTrim (free or Pro $2.84) or AndroVid Video Trimmer (free) that let users manually trim, merge, split, add effects and more for a simple, yet effective mobile video editing experience.

Looking for a professional video editing application on the go? Look no further than Clesh Video Editor ($4.99) for a powerful cloud-based editing experience that allows you to transition easily between your PC and mobile device.

Video FX Filter

VideoFX – Live Video Effects (Arivo)


With more filters available than any other video effects app (15) and the ability to see video with the filter as you take it, VideoFX is hands down the best choice for a FX filter on Android if you are taking video on the go.

Here are your filter choices: Emboss, Thermal, Film, Cartoon, Color, Poster, Halftone, T im eS ha ke, NeonLight, Edges, Spotlight, NeonDark, Ghost (looks like your Thursday night), Hearts, Dough

Video Action Effects

FX Guru

FxGuru: Movie FX Director (Picadelic)

Free (4 Free effects with more at $0.99 each or $8.99 for 13 effects )

The best quality video effects available on Android with outstanding integration into your videos. The effects are applied to video you are taking with virtual decals helping you line up the chosen effect as you take the video. Quick processing times compared to similar apps, the ability to edit timing after taking the video, and the ability to eliminate shake and integrate the effect well into video add up to FXGuru blowing away the competition. That is why some of my test footage for this app is featured above. Expect to see the developers add more effects soon.

Honorable Mention

Epic Movie FX (Sufi Studios Mobi)


A solid video effects application with six different effects including a bazooka, helicopter crash, hell fire, missile, plane crash, and tornado to add to any video you take with a target decal to help you line things up.


Are none of these applications the key to bringing more creativity and skill to your next video? How about an app that allows you to take timelapse video with ease?

Lapse It

Lapse It • Time Lapse (Interactive Universe)

Free (Pro $1.99)

Easily capture time lapse video using your Android device choosing the interval time and then letting the app do its thing (creating high-quality lapse video).

Did I miss your favorite Android video production application? Have you given any of these apps a whirl or plan on doing so?

Do you still use a video camera or is your cell phone your all-in-one tool for videos?

Let me know what you think in the comments section.



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I am a recent graduate of the George Washington University with a B.A. in Political Communication. My passion lies in nonprofit and academic communication with a focus on Internet policy, privacy, and digital humanitarian research. I'm always looking to deliver complex policy issues and new developments in concise, entertaining, and balanced ways. A proud digital media and Internet policy geek, I take my coffee black and enjoy a chronic Twitter addiction. My past work includes communications, marketing, Internet policy, human rights, education, sustainability, and an academic look at the intersection of Silicon Valley and Washington, DC.

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  1. This is a great post! I wasn’t aware of all these video apps before, but then again I don’t have a conventional smartphone (yep, some people wonder how I live). I’m sure that these apps would so useful if I had one though! I like your take on Independence Day by the White House.

  2. Gahh! This article makes me so mad! So I love editing videos, taking pictures, and all that awesome stuff. This is what I want to do for my career. People don’t realize how hard it is to compile all this “stuff” together in a note-worthy piece. NOW THERE ARE APPS THAT ARE DOING MY JOB FOR ME?? It’s a little upsetting. Talk to me when I can use Final Cut Pro on my phone…

  3. I used vidtrim for my internship when I was editing videos for a non-profit org. I thought it was a really cool program. It was so much easier to use then other programs.

  4. I had no idea any of these apps existed. I’m a huge fan of Final Cut Pro and I would never use my phone to edit a whole piece together. Some of the apps are so interesting, I’m definitely going to give them a try just for fun.
    Great post! I really loved your connection to the Oscars since it just happened!

  5. Robert Michaels

    Awesome! I use this: to add efects and edit videos on my PC but I did’n know I can do that on my Android too. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  6. Great article. I will share it with my friends. I also have a similar list of best video editing apps for Android.

    All these editors are free and offer something for new and casual users. Please check this too.

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